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Me published in 'Stickat & sånt' magazine, Feb 2019
Me published in ‘Stickat & sånt’ magazine, Feb 2019


I’m Anna, a crochet addicted mother of three little cherubs (well…) in Sweden. I also love gardening and most things DIY or crafty, but nothing has me hooked quite like crochet.

So what is it about crochet? It’s therapeutic and keeps me sane. It’s also a super versatile craft, which humbly adapts itself to almost any purpose and style, from granny squares and doilies to fashion designer statement pieces.  I’ve hooked up skirts, rugs, bags, cardigans, jar cozies, placemats, shawls, dresses, jewelry, some crazy number of hats…

Then obviously, there’s the satisfaction of making something with your own hands. Working with texture and colour… and yarn of course – yum! And because I’m a nerd, I find the regularity and maths of crochet patterns really soothing. It makes me appreciate the time, skill and resource that goes into making stuff and has made me more mindful in my consumerism.

I document most of my creations on Ravelry, where you’ll also find all my patterns, and you can follow my yarn adventures on Facebook & Instagram.

Happy hookin!