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Aestas Top

[Svenskt mönster här] Aestas means summer in latin, and this top is just that – a perfect summer top. Crocheted in breathable worsted cotton with decorative openwork panels down the sides and enough coverage at the front to wear out and about, this piece may just become a staple of your summer wardrobe!

The Aestas top is crocheted seamlessly, top down, and includes photo tutorials to help even a relative beginner succeed. It is a quick make, you can make several to match your wardrobe! The pattern uses US crochet terminology and stitches used are ch, sc, hdc, slst, dc, tr, tr2tog, dc2tog.

Download the pattern below.

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  1. Donna Donna

    Very nice pattern, can it be made longer?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Thank you, yes of course it can be made longer, just continue for as many rounds as required!

  2. Tracy King Tracy King

    Amazing top! I love the details that take it from plain to spectacular. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Sally Larson Sally Larson

    How do I get the free pattern?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hopefully you worked it out by now – just click on the black button that says “Download”!

  4. Jean Jean

    Thank you so much for this pattern, your directions are so easy to follow

  5. Debbie Maynard Debbie Maynard

    I would love to know which yarn you used for your tops in the photos. Would you share?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hello, yes, sure! The pink one is Scheepjes Cahlista, the white one is Drops Paris, and the blue is made with two strands of a discontinued fingering weight mercerised cotton yarn.

    • Debbie Maynard Debbie Maynard

      Thank you so much!!! I loved the blue and will need to look for a replacement for the discontinued yarn you used!

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Just look for something mercerised – that’s what gives the cotton a slight sheen 😉

    • You can try yarnsub dot com or Ravelry to find a substitute yarn. I typed fingering mercerized into the yarnsub search box and came up with lots of options. 🙂 From there you can click into one of the search results and it will pop out similar yarns and even gives a percentage and breakdown of how close it is, and why. If Anna can remember the name I bet they’d have it in their database. I picked SCHACHENMAYR ORIGINAL
      Catania Fine from the list because Schachenmayr Tahiti has a special place in my heart so I assume the rest of their yarns are equally marvelous. 😀 The Catania has a similar color to the blue pictured called Hellblau (00173).

      Sorry to butt in – thought I might have a nugget of helpful information and wanted to share.

    • Debbie Debbie

      SO very glad that you DID!!!! Thank you so much for the tidbit of info and I will definitely be looking those yarns over.

  6. El Swan El Swan

    Wow, it’s beautiful! Thanks for creating and sharing your pattern!

  7. Marie-Louise Marie-Louise

    Hej! Finns detta mönster på svenska?
    Jättefint linne och försöker virka det med engelska mönstret men det går inte så bra.


  8. Marie-Louise Marie-Louise


    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hi Roberta, of course you can! I just don’t really like acrylic myself as it’s plastic, but it will definitely work. Ax

  9. Dee Dee

    Just what I’ve been looking for! I’ll just have to convert the instructions to UK terms and I’m ready to start. Have just finished a c2c shawl in a soft cotton /bamboo yarn and wanted a summer top to compliment it. Thank you for the pattern!

  10. Angela Gollee Angela Gollee

    Wie bekomme ich die Anleitung auf deutsch?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      I’m sorry I don’t understand German myself but guessing you would like to have the pattern in German? 😊 Well, if you know someone who can translate it for me…?

  11. Cindy Cindy

    Hi Anna,
    I love this top and I’m making it for my daughter but I’m a little
    confused. In Bodice Round 3 and Bodice Round 4 they both say to double crochet around back. Shouldn’t one of them say to double crochet around front? Also when crocheting in the chain spaces, why is the number of times different depending on whether it’s on the left or right side? Shouldn’t both sides be the same? Thank you for clearing up my confusion so I can finish this top for my daughter.

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hi Cindy,

      Each bodice round goes one full ‘lap’ around the body. Each round has 4 sections: back, underarm mesh, front, and other underarm mesh. Hence each round contains both ‘back’ and ‘front’. The instructions are not different one the left side vs the right side. Round 3 is different from round 4 however.

      Hope this explains it?

  12. annette kilwein annette kilwein

    when i am doing bodice round 1 , after making the ch of required number — you are then to dc. Do you ch 3 to go across the front? You then continue to do dc’s after 1st chain. Now for the next armhole (left) mine is a row higher on one side. Why is that… am i crocheting on the wrong side or the right side. explain or show pics of Bodice Rd 1. I am stuck

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      First bodice round should be worked with the right side of the work facing. First you work dcs across the back, THEN you chain for right underarm, then dc across the front, then chain for left underarm. Join to first dc. Makes sense? 😊

  13. Lynda Lynda

    How do I get the pattern? I think the top is really cute, I would like to make it but can’t get the pattern.

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Click where it says download pattern 😊 It’s a pdf file.

  14. susan strohl susan strohl

    Is this written in English or U.S terms?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      In US terms

  15. Ji Radwan Ji Radwan

    Love your design 👌❤️

  16. Wendy Thomas Wendy Thomas

    Thanks for the pattern, love the way it came out.

  17. Dominique Dominique

    Thank you so much for this beautiful top

  18. Melissa Melissa

    Hi, the model looks very petite. I’m wondering what size top she is wearing? And what general size she is so I can figure which size to make for myself? Thank you so much. It’s just darling! Soooo pretty 🙂

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      You’ll find all measurements in the pattern. I’m wearing a size S in the photos. 😊

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