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[Svenskt mönster här] A quick-to-make halterneck top that starts as a row of granny squares. The blue ’flowers’ in the squares reminded me of Anemone hepatica, a spring flower common to Sweden and north Europe, hence the name. The yarn is a soft, unmercerised worsted cotton called Julie by Swedish brand Falkgarn. The pattern uses US crochet terminology.

This pattern is free. In return I would love it if you tag me when sharing your project photos in social media, so I can see what you are creating from my pattern. Instagram: @hooked_by_anna #hepaticatop #hepaticagrannytop. Ravelry (link up your project page to my pattern). Download the pattern pdf in English (US crochet terms) below.

Hepatica Granny Top – Download pattern here.

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  1. I don’t like downloading patterns straight from the site(s) because I’m leery of viruses. I’d rather copy ‘n paste into a notepad, and then paste it into an email.

    What would be the harm in that?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hi Ruth, I can assure you there are no viruses in the pdf pattern file or on my WordPress site. Thanks, Anna

  2. Winnie Winnie

    Good day. I would love to have the hepatica crochet granny top. Thank you so much . This is what my grand daughter would like me to do for her.

    • Kathryn Kathryn

      It won’t download for me.

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      The issue should be fixed now!

  3. Judy attai Judy attai

    Hello Anna, I love the halter top. I’m not undertanding the pattern where it says 2dc tog – I read this as you need to decrease but this is from the 1st round? Help I’d love to make this for a friend

    Thank you in advance
    Ps, do you have a video tutorial?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hey! Yes, it is a decrease and yes, you start decreasing right away 🙂

  4. I just made this for my neice and she loves it! I let her pick out her colors and everything and she was super happy with how it turned out. Thank you for the pattern and easy to follow instructuons with pictures!

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Thank you so much! Ax

  5. Anita Anita

    Hi Anna
    Can I still download this?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Yes, just click on the link above! 😊

  6. Emilia Emilia

    Hi Anna,
    I’m not sure I understand how I can increase into the ring, I’m finding it really hard to visualise. I am a beginner so perhaps the pattern is too complex for me! 🙂
    Thank you x

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Not entirely sure what you mean “increasing into the ring”? Feel free to email me directly for help crochet(at) if you clarify which section you struggle with.

  7. Colleen Colleen

    I made this for my middle daughter, she loved it.. my younger daughter (20) saw it and said “Ooooh Imma need one in white/pink and pink/white” lol so I made hers, my grand-daughter (4) came over when I was finishing my youngest daughters pink top and she said “oh is that for me grandma cuz im your princess?” lol soooo now I am also making one for my granddaughter.. but what a fantastic picture it should turn out to be. Im having the middle daughter wear the white/pink, my youngest the pink/white and im making a mixture pink and white for my granddaughter. Thank you so much for this pattern! Its the first time I ever made a top and your directions were FANTASTIC!

  8. Denise Denise

    I am up to the ‘top part’ starting row 4 (decreasing). It says to: ch1 (does not count as a st), sk first st. Do I skip the stitch that my ch1 is in or the next stitch?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hi Denise, yes, the first stitch of the row is the one your ch1 is in. Best of luck with your Hepatica! 🙂

  9. saroj Kaushal saroj Kaushal

    I like the design in crochet top with design or pattern on the cape sleeves. I was wondering if you have the patern in English. thanks

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Do you mean the light beige top with lace cap sleeves? If so, the pattern rights belong to the magazine that I designed it for. Once the rights return to me, in 2021, I will publish an English version of the pattern.

  10. Ellie Ellie

    I look forward to the lace cap sleeve top pattern being published ! It’s lovely. ❤

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Thanks! Hopefully just another couple of months now!

  11. Stephanie Stephanie

    Hepatica pattern (granny square halter) link for download wouldn’t work when I clicked on it. My daughter really wants me to make her one. Help!

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hard to say what is wrong. Do you have any pop-up or link blockers that mistake the pdf for a pop-up, blocking the download? Do you have Adobe acrobat reader installed? Or, if you are using the Google Chrome browser, the pdf file should just load in a new browser window/tab. Perhaps try a different browser or device. Or try right clicking on the link and select Save link as…

  12. Cheryl Cheryl

    Haven’t downloaded YET, but you absolutely have a new lifelong fan!

  13. Nicole Nicole

    I love this pattern and just starting but I was curious what size magic circle? 4, 6, 10 chains? I tried 4 but it looks so tiny that was unsure how to do the decreasing 9n something so small.

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      A magic circle does not have any chain stitches. If you YouTube crochet magic circle, there are lots of helpful tutorials! 🙂

  14. Lucy Lucy

    I am just finishing my third top using this fabulous pattern, thank you so much. It is quick and fun to make and looks so lovely.

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Love this! Thanks for the positive feedback! 🙂

  15. Teresa Teresa

    Some thing is wrong with the link. It wont let me download. I even accepted that the page has cookies.

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Sorry, the problem is now fixed. Let me know if it downloads ok now.

  16. Nina Nina

    Is this pattern still available?
    I’m trying to download but it’s not going through.
    Kindly Nina

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Sorry, I had some problems with my SSL cert on the site. It should be fixed now!

  17. Teni Teni

    Hi i was just doing this pattern but i didn’t know i was meant to decrease at the beginning will that affect my granny square?

    Also I’m having trouble understanding round 4 of the granny square please help

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      I have sent you an email – I need some more information to understand how to help you 🙂

  18. Bekka Bekka

    This is beautiful and the pattern is so well written. Thank you for sharing!

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