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[På svenska här] Introducing the Karamell Sweater; a soft and comfortable pullover that works up quickly and comes in sizes from 4Y to women’s size XL. Karamell is Swedish for candy, and is also the name of the yarn I designed it for: Karamell by Falkgarn, a worsted weight self-striping yarn. This is a straightforward pattern, perfect if it is your first time tackling something bigger than hats and scarves.

The Karamell Sweater is crocheted top down and is seamless. It is made with a larger hook than recommended for the yarn, and worked in the back loop throughout, giving it drape and softness. (The only stitches not worked into back loops are slip stitches and stitches worked into chain-spaces.)

This clever yarn creates stripes all by itself, making for a fun and interesting project whilst leaving you with a minimum of loose ends to weave in.

You can download the pattern here for free. In return I would love if you share your finished creations on Instagram, tag & follow me (@hooked_by_anna) or link your Ravelry project page with my pattern, so I can see! Thank you!

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  1. […] [In English here] Låt mig presentera Karamelltröjan, en mysig mjuk tröja som går snabbt att virka i storlekar från 4 år till dam XL. Den är uppkallad efter garnet Karamell från Falkgarn. Ett relativt enkelt mönster – perfekt första gången du testar att virka någonting lite mer avancerat än mössor och sjalar. […]

  2. angie angie

    just really like your things! nice:)
    thank you
    the hepatica is on my summer to do list now!

  3. Ann Ann

    Hi Anna
    Love your patterns!
    I’ve just started your Karamell Sweater which I love. Round 3 of the pattern says repeat from * around. There’s no * to work from.
    Please help as I really love this sweater – it’s my first garment project and I want to get it right.
    Thanks, Ann

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hi Ann, apologies for late response. Thank you for spotting this error! A whole phrase had disappeared from round 3! (I am about to upload a corrected version of the pdf to my site now. Round 3 should say: “Round 3: slst to the ch-sp before the first dc, ch 3 (counts as dc + ch), dc in the same ch-sp, dc in each st to the next ch-sp, * dc, ch, dc in the ch-sp, dc in each st to the next ch-sp, repeat from * around, close the round with a slst in the 3rd of the beg. ch-3. Stitch count: 60 (66, 72); 78 (84, 90, 96) dc.”

  4. Romy Romy

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you! Have downloaded your Caramel Sweater pattern to make a sweater for my daughter. Do you use UK or US terms?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      I always use US terms in my patterns. Good luck!

  5. Romy Romy

    Great, thanks so much!

  6. rita rita

    I notices you used stitch markers-are you moving these after each round?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      You can move them up into the ch-spaces if you like, however, they are not really necessarily after the first round, as you will be able to see where the corners are from round 2 onwards… Hope that makes sense! 😊

  7. Amy Amy

    Would you explain to me how the increasing happens in rows 1 to three? I am reading the pattern and I don’t get it (haven’t started the sweater yet). Thank you for your beautiful work! My daughter loves the Aestas sweater, so looking at this one as a next project.

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Sorry, I’m not sure I follow you. The increases are written in the pattern – try following the instructions for those rounds, and let me know if and where you get stuck?

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