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Stripes & Crosses Top

A breeze to make, this summery cover-up consists of basic crochet stitches and only a couple of slightly less common techniques (reverse sc/crab stitch and foundation dc, both of which are super easy to learn from YouTube tutorials).

The top is made up of two identical rectangular pieces crocheted in rows back and forth. The size determines the width of each piece (=the circumference of finished top). You decide the length.

The front and back pieces are crocheted together at the top corners (shoulders) and then sewn together at the sides from arm holes down.

Instructions on how to make this top in sizes other than the ones listed are included in the pattern. Download the pdf pattern here:

HBA_Stripes & Crosses

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  1. Mandi Mandi

    the link is broken 🙁

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hi Mandi, I’ve checked it – it works fine for me. I’ll email you the pdf pattern. Hopefully that works 🙂 Happy Hookin’!

  2. Carina Carina

    Hej, detta fina mönster finns det på svenska?

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hej Carina! Tyvärr har jag inte översatt detta mönster, men jag har flera andra mönster på svenska! 🙂

  3. Miranda Miranda

    I’m clicking the link and nothing is loading. 😟

    • hookedbyanna hookedbyanna

      Hey, try right click and ‘save as’? It works for me. Ax

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